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Sunday, January 30, 2011

ID Scanner and Privacys - A response to recent 3 part series on ID Scanners in Canada

Canada has tougher privacy laws than the US and ID Checker were made to seem like a problem in a recent 3 part series.  The media often tries to sensationalize an issue to increase its popularity, but if you read all three stories, one will see that its just on nightclub that didn't take the time to display its data use policies.
In Canada, and I would think this also applies to the US,
Consumers have a right to know what data is being collected, how it will be used and the right to opt out.
Business have a right to collect the data and an obligation to explain its data use/storage policy (and then honor it).
To use an ID Reader in Canada, a venue must do one of the following.
1.) If the data is not being stored in a database, then using an ID Scanner is not an issue at all because its just like the bouncer looking (and immediately forgetting) the personal data on the ID.
2.) If the data is being stored, then a sign should be displayed at the ID Scanning location which says something like
  • We are using an ID Scanner to Check Age or
    We are using an ID Scanner to Check Age and for Marketing Purposes
    We are using an ID Scanner to Check Age and ....
  • We do this to protect our business and the patrons who visit our business (and if using it for Marketing purposes to contact you about upcoming events and/or specials, etc.)
  • The information collected will not be sold or rented to any outside party.
  • Optional – We will delete this information after X days – Optional
  • You have the right to opt out by simply not visiting our facility and we have the right to deny you admission to the facility.
  • If you allow your ID to be scanned, then you agree to let us use your drivers license data for the use(s) specified above.
Disclaimers – I'm not a lawer or legal expert and therefore the above comments should be checked with the legal experts in the reader’s jurisdiction.

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