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Friday, March 9, 2012

Fake ID Scanner Web Sites

Beware of False Internet ID Scanner Web Sites

When shopping for an ID Scanner, look out for web sites which claim to be leaders in the ID Scanner industry.  Beware of sites which do not have a phone number and no product information.  Just an email address that will get you a phone call back in an hour.  These sites are typically set up by individuals who are not experts in the field and really some sort stay at home sales person hoping to find a newbie. 

When buying for a "leader in the industry" go to the about us page and take their contact information and plug it into google maps.  If the address is shared with a mail box etc or shipping/package store, they are probably a virtual ID Scanner company renting a mail box.  If google maps shows you a street view of a residential property, again not really working with a "leader in the ID Scanner industry" but instead a stay at home business that is reselling a product. 

These resellers come and go.  If you need support 6 months from now, contact a company that is non-virtual, has a rating with the, and answers the phone when you call them.