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Monday, November 29, 2010

New ID Scanner offering

Recently saw a product which allows bars / clubs to share a master banned list.  This idea has been around for a long time - sharing a banned list between clubs - but before any clubs decided to purchase such a system, they should google 'barlink' which was a company in Canada which did this and ultimately was banned for offering the service.  Additionally, consumers were so upset, that they created web sites and listed the clubs to boycott.  So in theorey, this sounds like a good idea, the privacy issues of sharing a banned list quickly drown out any perceived benefits.


Sunday, November 28, 2010

Georgia Drivers License Finally Available

Georgia's new digital drivers license - sample images of front and back.

With Georgia's recent change, now every drivers license issued in the USA (and Canada) has a scannable PDF417 (or 2D) barcode or magnetic stripe. 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

ID Scanner - When to purchase one

Many businesses wait until their first ticket to purchase an ID Scanner. While this seems to be common, its sort of like buying a fire extingisher after a fire!  Sellers of Alcohol need to understand that they are at risk of fallen into the traps set by the under cover sting operations run in almost every state.  For those who are old enough to remember the old Fram Oil Filter commercial where the mechanic warned, "you can pay me now (i.e. pay for a good Fram oil filter) or you can pay me later (i.e. pay to have the auto engine rebuilt)."  The same is true for ID Scanners.  Either buy one before the first ticket or wait until you get the first ticket.  The smart operators don't wait.  What camp are you in?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Watch ID Scanner AutoFill QuickBooks new customer

Here is a first cut of a Video showing IDWedge ID Scanner with QuickBooks software.

IDWedge is a drivers license scanner product that Autofills forms on a PC.

In this demo, a signle scan of a drivers license creates a new customer in QuickBooks, autofills the name/address information from the drivers license, puts the date of birth from the drivers license in the fax phone number field and the drivers license number in the alternative contact field.  It then creates an invoice. 

And it take about 3 seconds to do this.  Watch the video to learn or visit or to purchase a unit. 

Friday, November 12, 2010

ID Scanner versus Age Calculator

Was browsing Web and just found an age calculator that claims to eliminate human error.  Basically you key in the date of birth from the front of the drivers license and the calculator displays the age.  While the unit is certainly inexpensive, I must challenge its claim of eliminating human error.  If a clerk either mis-keys the date of birth on the keypad (i.e. typo) or if mis-reads the date of birth (i.e. sees a "3" when its really an "8"), then the age calculator will give you the wrong age.  A better claim would be eliminate math errors but a real ID Scanner eliminates all these issues. 

ID Scanner is not "Magic Wand"

ID Scanner is not magic wand - read this article - details risks of using id scanner without thinking.  ID scanner is a tool, like UV lights and 10x magnifiers - used during ID Checking process.