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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Salt Lake Pub uses Facebook to recover stolen ID Scanner


Video Courtesy of


The video above tells the story.  Watch this kid steal the ID Scanner (which was just sitting on the counter).  The bar owner then posts the video on Facebook and next day gets his ID Scanner back. 


Couple lessons.


  • Don't leave any electronics - ID Scanners included, unattended in the bar
  • Have video surveillance installed at all key points of our club / bar
  • For young drinkers - assume everything you do is being recorded.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Drivers License Coverage Map for ID Scanners

Each State has different types of state issued ID cards.  When purchasing an ID scanner, it is always good to know what kind of IDs you will scan to verify age.  Here is a map of the US illustrating the type of ID cards used in each state.


The states shaded in Yellow use PDF417 format, also known as 2D barcode.  The barcode looks like a box with black and white speckles.  You will need a ID scanner with a 2D barcode reader to check these IDs.


The states shaded in Blue use a magnetic stripe format.  The magnetic stripe looks the same as the magnetic strip on the back of a creditcard.  You will need an ID checker with a magnetic stripe reader to check these IDs.


The states shaded in Green have both 2D barcode and magnetic stripe on their ID cards.  For these IDs, you can use an ID card checker with either a 2D barcode reader or magnetic stripe reader or both.


There are some states with tricky ID cards.  Georgia licenses issued before November 2009 are not scannable by any ID checkers.  For Michigan, unless scanning the Enhanced Drivers License, the name and address will not be recorded as it is not embedded in the magnetic stripe.


Before purchasing a Drivers License Scanner, it is always a good idea to know what types of ID cards you will be checking and also knowing what types of ID cards are used in the surrounding states. 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

ID Scanner - Company Background Requirements

When purchasing and ID Checker look at the ID Scanner features and just as important, investigate who is selling it to you.  Here is an ID Scanner story which should make the point.  A liquor store in Massachusetts purchased the scanner from a small reseller, who was quite familiar with checking drivers licenses and age verification, but did not actually make the hardware or write the software.  He was dependent on several companies, one a software company, another the manufacturer of the point of sale terminal, and one a drivers license reader company.  This solution worked until Massachusetts came out with a new drivers license.  At that point, the software needed an update to read the new license and that's when things fell apart.  The reseller was unable to get new software for several months and when finally available, his attempts to install the new software erased the old software, but he was unable to install the new software.  So now the liquor store has a system that is useless and ended up buying a CounterTop ID Scanner from a total solution company.